In 2011 I approached Huet Brothers in search of a new automotive design project. At that time they were thinking of developing a coupe based on their HB Special, which they had built a few years before.
I was commissioned to design the exterior for this new HB Coupe. I received a design brief and then started designing the coupe, inspired by and incorporating elements of famous cars from the past. The result was the HB Coupe Classic, Road Racer and RR. Early 2012 this design was published in the media. Based on these sketches, later that year a beautiful 3D model was released, created by Andrej Stefancik
In December 2016 Huet Brothers released images of a full-size milled exterior model.
Currently, the first prototype is being developed, based on the latest generation Mazda MX-5.
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My very first sketches were based on editing photo material of the HB Special, adding a roof to get a first glimpse of how a closed Huet Brothers car would look like. The HB Special is actually a two-seater barchetta based on the Triumph TR6 chassis. At that time Huet Brothers were thinking of basing the Coupe on the BMW 1M. During my sketching process I used these blueprints for the wheel base and exterior measurements. 
Three versions of the coupe were created, based on three driver persona's: HB Coupe Classic, Road Racer and RR (circuit).
Later on in the project, after the release of the HB Coupe press material, strategy changed and currently the HB Coupe is being developed, based on the latest generation Mazda MX-5. The first prototype is underway. 
(above)  My first glimpse of the closed HB Special
Three versions of the HB Coupe were created, based on three different driver persona's.
(below) Screenshot from where visitors can click on a persona and the corresponding version of the HB Coupe appears.


(above) Media teaser before the official press release

(above) Top Gear
(above) Der Spiegel
(above) CARROS magazine
(above) AutoWeek magazine
(above) AutoWeek Supercars magazine 2012
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