Lamborghini Miura Nuova
by Marco van Overbeeke - 2009
Lamborghini is all about extreme performance in an aggressive package. Right now one thing is missing: a Miura-like Lamborghini. Being a Lamborghini enthusiast and dreaming about Lamborghini’s of all ages, I was inspired to create my own tribute, one that redefines the supercar just like the original Miura did. The result is a worthy descendant of pure Lamborghini breed. Combining aggressive graphics and fast lines with smooth and classic surface treatment, embodying exclusivity. The Beauty and the Beast merged, the ultimate symbiosis: the Miura Nuova.
You want to go for a ride. There it patiently awaits, parked in your garage, in front of the hotel or on the driveway. Elegantly, calm and loyal like a true companion. While approaching the car you see the taillights pulsing, like a heartbeat and you hear it softly breathing. Being around the Miura Nuova is like interacting with a wild beast. Suddenly the beast awakens, he knows you are coming and starts the take off procedure. The whole car starts to breathe more heavily, sucking up air, impatient and ready to leave. The cargets into driving mode: reaching its proper driving height and testing all the components. The engine starts running stationary accompanied by deep growling.The beast is ready; it knows this is going to be a ride to remember:


“Walking towards it is like sneaking up on a wild beast asleep.
Starting it is like awakening one.
Driving like taming one.”

Both the driver and the car have distinctive characters. The driver can choose between two exterior variants; the smooth or the wild one, each with matching rims. The driver’s choice suits and even amplifies his or her character, enriching the experience of owning and driving a Lamborghini.
Lamborghini Miura Nuova
The exterior of the Miura Nuova embodies the rebirth of the classic Miura. It represents my tribute to the original Miura with its beautiful and renowned design. This predecessor has paved the way for modern day supercars. The Miura Nuova is a concept for 2012.
The most important design feature a.k.a. leitmotiv is the belt line running from front to back, which makes it unmistakably a Miura. A few other design features also refer to the original Miura; headlights with ‘mascara’; the division ofthe body panels just in front of the rear wheel arches; the lamellas above the engine compartment; the ‘horn’-shaped doors. The use of intense fast lines suddenly kicking in and rapidly changing direction, combined with fluent and smooth surface treatment, result in a sharp body wrapped around Miura-like characteristics: long nose, low body height, MR-lay out and centre-placed 2-person cabin. Concerning the engine, mounting the V12 longitudinally or transversely is an option, or mounting two separate engines is an alternative option: one behind the front axle and the other in front of the rear axle. The overall dimensions of the Miura Nuova are identical to the Lamborghini Reventón, sharing the same platform.
Clay Model
Thousands of ideas, hundreds of sketches and weeks of modelling have been captured in a 1:5 scale clay model. I decided to implement two different characters into that model. Applying differences to the left and right side ofthe model resulted in an asymmetric design which gave me the opportunity to explore and criticize both approaches. When you observe the model, you will never notice the differences between left and right simultaneously.
The right side has a tight waist which gives the car a slimmer appearance, the side pod differs from the one on the left side and a sharp edge runs alongside the car. This results in an exciting visual play between enlightened and shaded surfaces. The left side of the model on the other hand, has a more classic and smoother appearance. The two rim designs are supporting this vision: one matching the smooth side, the other one the wild side. People in general tend to prefer symmetry in cars, so an exciting alternative would be the driver actually choosing an asymmetric appearance, as implemented in the clay model.
“Imagine owning and driving your own Miura Nuova, always being aware of the fact that you have purchased a monster, in essence a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

Once on the road the car is in its natural habitat, embracing the laws of physics. On the limit it is like riding an unleashed bull with wide opened nostrils, breathing like a stallion given the spurs. 

Once you floor it, the car is gone with you still in it…the bull is loose!”

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