According to the current trends in Formula 1, it is clear that the F1 drivers want faster lapping cars and the fans desire more exciting design. For this month's cover story, F1 Racing magazine has asked me to visualise two realistic scenarios for the 2017 Mercedes Formula 1 car, based on actual proposed 2017 regulations by FIA and Red Bull.
I had permission to use Mercedes W06 photos and transform them to 2017 spec. The overall aesthetic theme of the current 2017 regulations proposals (from both FIA and Red Bull) is more aggressive form language. I measured everything out, both in length/width of components (millimeters) and angles of altered wings (degrees). Both scenarios have the longer nose, arrow shaped front wing, slanted forward side pod wings and side pods, bigger barge boards, wider wheels and wider rear wing. To make it even a bit more 2017, I slightly modified the rear view mirror mounts, the Petronas livery, the dividing line of the bottom carbon part of the monocoque and nose, the slanted forward pitot tube, the monkey seat, barge board winglets, carbon winglets on the nose and the slanted forward and bigger air intake above the driver.
2017 Scenario 1: Red Bull proposal fitted with Michelin tyres (18" rim, 720 mm high wheels), width front wing same as total width of car, slanted rear wing.
2017 Scenario 2: FIA proposal fitted with Pirelli tyres (13" rim, 660 mm high wheels), width front wing up to centerline of front wheels. For this image all the logo's on the car had to be mirrored.
I hope you enjoy this post and let's wait and see what the actual 2017 Formula 1 season will bring us!
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